Fundamental Aesthetic Surgery Training Program 

     Advanced Level 

Natalia Manturova

Head of ISAPS F.A.S.T. in Russia

Nazim Cerkes

ISAPS President

ISAPS Fundamental Aesthetic Surgery Training
Program. Advanced level.

Chairman: Francisco Bravo

First module. Breast Aesthetic Surgery.
Best Solutions for Difficult Cases
and Complications Management
from ISAPS experts.

17 June 2021


About ISAPS F.A.S.T. Advanced 2021

Fundamental Fundamental Aesthetic Surgery Training Program ISAPS F.A.S.T. is in Russia now!
In 2021 The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) and Russan Society of Plastic Reconstruction Aesthetic  Surgery (RSPRAS) invite you to take part in the three modules of the advanced program ISAPS F.A.S.T.:

     17 june 2021: Breast surgery. Complications
     25 September 2021: Body surgery. Complications
     27 November 2021: Face and rhynoplasy. Complications

Each module corresponds to a standardized scientific program, developed by the Council of ISAPS training programs.

First module. Breast aesthetic surgery. The best solutions for difficult cases and treatment of complications from ISAPS experts.
17 June 2021
Online worldwide

Program (Moscow Time, CET+1)

09:00 – 10:00 Registration
10:00 – 10:15 Welcome speech, Nazim Cerkes, ISAPS President
10:15 – 10:30 Welcome speech, Natalia Manturova, head of ISAPS F.A.S.T. in Russia

  • Marc Pacifico (19 min): Successful Breast Augmentation with Smooth Implants
  • Mario Pelle-Ceravolo (19 min): – Successful Breast Augmentation with PolyUrethane Implants
  • Francisco Bravo (19 min): Parasternal Infiltration Composite Breast Augmentation
  • Akin Yücel (19 min): Decision making in breast augmentation
  • Moustapha Hamdi (19 min): BIA-ALCL: European Prospectives
  • Discussion – 25 min.

Moderator: Alexey Borovikov

  • Marc Pacifico (19 min): LPMA – the lower pole mastopexy augmentation: a solution to the bottomed-out breast.
  • Akin Yücel (19 min): Augmentation mastopexy: How to minimise complications?
  • Mario Pelle-Ceravolo (19 min): Augmentation-Mastopexy: Making it Work
  • Dennis Hammond (19 min): Strategies for Successful Periareolar Augmentation Mastopexy.
  • Ruth Graf (19 min): Mastopexy and Lipofilling: an option for quitting breast implants.
  • Discussion – 25 min.

Moderator: Alexey Borovikov

14:30 – 15:00 Break

  • Moustapha Hamdi (16 min): Volume distribution Mastopexy: The role of mesh
  • Jesus Benito: (16 min): Techniques for Successful Mastopexy and Breast Reduction
  • Ruth Graf (16 min): Inferior Pedicle and Pectoralis Muscle Loop in Breast Reduction
  • Francisco Bravo (16 min): L-Scar Freehand Breast Reduction with Upper Pole Autoaugmentation
  • Dennis Hammond (16 min): The Inverted T Inferior Pedicle Breast Reduction – Tips for Creating a longer lasting stable result.
  • Akin Yücel (16 min): Vertical mammaplasty as a breast reshaping and repositioning process.
  • Discussion – 24 min.

Moderator: Alexey Borovikov

  • Dennis Hammond (16 min): Operative Correction of the Double Bubble deformity.
  • Mario Pelle-Ceravolo (16 min): Rotating Abdominal Flap (RAF) to avoid and treat double bubble deformities.
  • Akin Yücel (16 min): Difficult cases and complication management.
  • Jesus Benito-Ruiz (16 min): The use of Ultrasound for the evaluation and management of complications after breast surgery.
  • Moustapha Hamdi (16 min): My approach to badly managed patients after breast implant surgery.
  • Ruth Graf (16 min): Complications Treatment in Breast Augmentation.
  • Discussion – 24 min.

Moderator: Alexey Borovikov


Francisco Bravo

Vice Chairman of the ISAPS Educational Programs Council.
Member of the Royal College of Physicians of Madrid.
President of AECEP.
Member of ASAPS, ASPS.

Jesus Benito-Ruiz

National Secretary of ISAPS in Spain.
Former President of AECEP.
Former Vice President of SECPRE.

Ruth Graf

Adjunct Professor at the Federal University of Parana.
She is actively involved in the development of technological products and has received many awards.

Mustafa Hamdi

President of RBSP.
Member of the Belgian Board of Plastic Surgery.
Expert of the Superior Council of the Belgian Ministry of Health.
Member of EURAPS, BAPS, ASPS, ASRM, WSRM, etc.

Dennis Hammond

Member of numerous ASPS and ASAPS committees.
Author of the BodyLogic rating system.
Author of the SPAIR short scar technique.

Marc Pacifico

BAAPS Council Member.
Ian McGregor Gold Medal Winner.

Mario Pelle-Ceravolo

President of AICPE.
ISAPS Visiting Professor.
Member of ASAPS, ASRP, AEPI, etc.

Akin Yücel

ISAPS National Secretary in Turkey.
Former President of TSPRAS.
Former President of TSAPS.
Former President of TSPRAS Task Forces.

Benefits of participating in the ISAPS F.A.S.T.

Participants in all three modules get the opportunity to become an ISAPS member on special conditions and receive the following preferences:

  • 20% discount on the annual membership fee for ISAPS members
  • 20% discount on any category of registration fee for participation in the ISAPS Congress, held every two years.
  • 30% discount for the first year of ISAPS membership

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